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When it comes to eating peanuts, peanut butter, and peanut oil, the research is clear: they benefit our health.  Large population studies show that when eaten in small amounts daily, peanuts reduce the risk of many chronic diseases (Sabate, 2006; 2009).  Human feeding studies also show that they help manage weight and provide many key nutrients that are important to our diets (Sabate, 2006; 2009).

The myriad of healthy components in peanuts offers natural nutrition to all populations and age groups.  You can feel good getting filled up on a crunchy pack of peanuts or a spoonful of peanut butter, knowing that each bite is leading to having a better body and a better diet.  Learn more about how peanuts can help your short and long-term health by checking out the disease prevention, weight management, and protective nutrients sections.

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